Aesthetics is a very important part of Vampyre law. But it is often a misunderstood part of the Law.So I thought I’d try and unpack it for you in a blog. I was giving advice to a Nadja about something which I can’t remember. But I ended it by saying “Become a Fantasy.”Aesthetics are so … Continue reading AESTHETICS

The Swans

When the Black Veils were released in 1997 by Michelle Belanger and Father Todd Sebastiaan, the term “Black Swan” was coined. The term was meant to serve as a descriptor for human members of the Vampyr community who do not identify as Vampyr’s. Black Swans are human allies of the Vampyr community. and out of … Continue reading The Swans

The Ritual Chamber

Every practitioner of magick, has a sacred space dedicated for the purpose of performing their rituals. The Vampire is no different… The Ritual Chamber for the Vampire mimics the conditions of a cave or a coffin. Like a sensory deprivation chamber, this sacred space is meant for the development of increased psychic power and awareness. … Continue reading The Ritual Chamber


Blood is a controversial subject where ever you go. It is even a controversial and divisive subject within the Greater Vampire Community (GVC). Everyone has an opinion and a belief which is revolved around the use and the consumption of blood in ritual or recreational settings. Generally because of all of the potential dangers that … Continue reading The BLOOD